About Adam Straseske, CMT

Dedicated to Helping Clients Take Advantage of Market Opportunities

Started in the investment business in 1999. Witnessed two bear markets and learned from both. Earned the Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) Certification in 2011. Co-authored "Home Run Financial Planning, " with Steve Straseske, my father. Trade and Invest mainly in publicly traded vehicles. Refuse to buy anything without a predetermined plan of when to sell on the top or bottom side.     

This website is about the opportunities I see prevailing in the market place. Is it a time to be cautious? Do we have a buy or sell signal in the markets? Is the market signaling higher or lower prices ahead? Is there an asset class that is bucking the trend? That's what I write about. I don't predict, I simply identify the direction of the market, craft strategies that lend themselves to the current market, take action and mitigate risk 

Beyond the website, I manage money for clients that want to grow their capital regardless of market direction...It's that simple. If you want to find opportunity within the markets and work with someone who keeps a close eye on your investments to catch trends and preserve capital, email me at

Lastly, if you haven't already, click on the button and get a notifications of the current market conditions with strategies designed to compliment the current environment. 

Markets Rise & Fall

 The markets are in a constant longer-term flux of rising and falling. Each environment requires different strategies and tactics if one is going capture moves to the upside and preserve capital when the markets start to fall. We don't predict the rising and falling markets, we simply identify, practice sound strategy, and have all actions determined before we invest. We control risk to preserve principle, but most importantly so we can sleep at night. 

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